Training Approach

IT Designs brings our personalized approach to our training offerings. We believe training should address the unique needs of your business and individual employees. Instead of delivering content that “checks a box” we want to make sure that each and every module we deliver addresses a business concern.

Custom Curriculum Development and Process Documentation

Many of your employees have the skills they need to perform their day-to-day work in whatever software you use. Are they able to use all of the collaboration tools available to them? Do they know about advanced features that may help automate routine tasks? If you’ve recently migrated to Office 365 or are considering the move, there are probably features that can help make your employees more productive and confident using new features and technology. Let IT Designs design a custom curriculum that gives your employees what they need – and skips what they don’t.

Process documentation means looking at the day-to-day tasks in your business and describing them for clarity and knowledge transfer. If a member of your team left tomorrow, would the transfer be seamless? IT Designs can help make sure that core business tasks are documented in a step-by-step fashion that improves corporate knowledge and employee onboarding. This can also identify previously unknown risks, such as outdated software or home-brew files being used for day-to-day tasks outside of core software or workflow. Let IT Designs help you document your present and plan for the future.

Why Do I Need an IT Policy?

A comprehensive IT policy helps protect your business and sets expectations for employees concerning the appropriate use of technology and intellectual property. Many insurance companies are recommending having an IT policy in place to mitigate potential claims arising from employee conduct and the preventable loss of data (yours or a client’s).

What Can an IT Policy Address?

Each business is unique, but IT Designs can help you design these and other policies specific to your business and industry:

  • General privacy policy
  • Collection and use of personal information
  • Collection, use, and dissemination of personal health information
  • Acceptable use policy
  • Data retention
  • Intellectual property ownership and use
  • Minimum data storage and transport requirements
  • Disposal or loss of IT devices